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What our customers think of our services...

I appreciate all your help over these past couple of months. You have saved us much time and stress and I really appreciate it. This is the best service ever, I don't know why more people don't use this type of service for their special event!!

Cynthia & Brian (premium live with custom web page)

We loved the service. It was easy to maneuver. The people that RSVPed via the service found it simple to use. It saved me a lot of time and worry during a very hectic holiday/work/wedding planning season! I will recommend you to all my friends!

Rae (Basic Voice Mail)

I thought your service was great! It was a great idea and it made things go so much smoother!! I have told everyone about it so I am hoping to get you some more business. The one thing that made you stand out above everyone else was that you did not have a minimum charge. Your communication was great and I would recommend it to everyone!!

Kristi (Premium Voice Mail)

I was quite pleased with the RSVP service and have already recommended it to two other "brides-to-be" that I know. I even had several guests comment on how convenient it was for them to use.

The basic service was all we needed, and my fiancé and I were pleased with the economic savings we recognized with it. [Our invitations were EXACTLY 1 ounce, so in addition to having to pay for response cards and return postage, we also would have had to pay for extra postage on the invitation if we'd included a response card.] We especially liked the convenience of only having to deal with RSVPs when WE were ready to look at them, rather than having to daily keep track of any response cards we might have received in the mail.

If we ever had cause to throw an even where we needed RSVPs, we'd use your service without question and, as mentioned above, I've already recommended it to other people I know.

Lei(Wedding RSVP Service)

The service really worked fabulous! I received many comments about and how much it was enjoyed. Easy to use and effective. Thank you!

Dean  (Birthday Party RSVP Service)

Your service was great.  When I have some time, I will email you more.  Thanks again for all or your help and dealing with my short notice.  I definitely appreciated you bailing me out.

Terri (Ohio) (Voice Mail Premium)

The service was perfect for our small baby shower event.  I am a working woman, as are most of my friends, so they appreciated the 24 hour access.  Additionally, I
gave a number of the ladies in attendance the link to your website, because
they too saw the value.  Thank you for helping to make my small event easier
to coordinate.

Deidre (Maryland) (Voice Mail Basic)

I was very pleased with the service. It was easy to operate and people seemed to like it much better than having to remember to mail in cards. Thanks for everything.

Daminica (Colorado) (Voice Mail Basic)

Hi!   We enjoyed everything about your service, and received so, many compliments on the uniqueness of the response.  Tim and I had fun creating our message, and checking our messages.  It was so personal, and people got a chance to say more than just yes or no to coming to the wedding.  It was something we looked forward to listening to after work.  Our day was gorgeous!  Not a thing went wrong . . . Thank you for this service!  I also thought it was reasonably priced.  

Gina & Tim (California) (Voice Mail Basic)

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